Rochford Street Press is one of the smallest Australian literary presses. It has also been around for a long time! Rochford Street Press was formed by Mark Roberts in 1983 as a vehicle to publish P76 Magazine (Issue 1, edited by Mark Roberts and Adam Aitken appeared in spring 1983). Since then Rochford Street Press has published a number of books in various formats as well as producing 6 issues of P76 Magazine. It also publishes the online critical journal Rochford Street Review.

Rochford Street Press was named after the street in which Mark Roberts lived in the early/mid 1980’s (Rochford Street Erskvinelle).  The house (22 Rochford Street Erskineville) is still standing but, surprisingly there is no plaque out the front to signify the birthplace of the Press.

Rochford Street Press is committed to publishing creative and critical writing which pushes boundaries and stands out from the everyday. Stay tuned and see what happens!

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